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                                       A Great Massage at a Great Price!


    Massage should not be a luxury. It should be part of a healthy lifestyle! 


The Cloud Massage Studio offers massage therapy and other spa services at a reasonable price so that more people can regularly enjoy the benefits that massage can bring to their life.

  New Services will be added over the coming months, so check back often for new offerings! 

Book your appointment here on this site by clicking the link Book Now! , by calling or texting 843-608-9168, or by email:



Spa Finder and Spa Wish Accepted Here!!

**HSA/FSA MAY be Accepted Here..Please Email**


  Same Great Price, New Location!

Current clients that moved with me to the new location continue to pay $40 for a one hour massage. Please click “Current Clients” on the first booking page.

New clients are being accepted. New clients will enjoy a low rate for $50 for a one hour massage. There is also a package of 3 one hour massage for $135 available. Please select “New Clients” on the first booking page.

Most other services are the same rate regardless if you are a Current or New client. These are available for booking once you choose your client type (New or Current).

Please see the “Services” page for a listing of current services.