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Of all the different versions of this product, we believe that ours is the BEST. Why? Because we have researched & studied the effects of all the various components used in the manufacturing process. We have ruled out ones that easily break or dent, become hot, smell bad or just don’t give light & used only the very best materials. Our lamp will not break if it falls! Additionally, it works while charging with NO FLICKERING, charges quickly and works for many hours longer than others.

In short, we have manufactured the sturdiest, most aesthetic, most usable Moon Lamp available.


You will see the face of the moon when it is lit. There will be no doubt in anyone’s mind that this is the real moon. At the flick of a switch, it can be lit in 3 different colors cool white - warm white - warm orange. You choose!


Here are just some possible uses but your imagination is the limit:


* Perfect night light for the little ones because it can be left in the room completely unattended. There are NO hazards associated with this light. Just lull the kids to sleep in the tranquil light of the lamp.


* For a romantic aura, together with or instead of candles


* Business i.e. Restaurant


* As a reading lamp


* For fun & ambiance on the patio or in the yard


With this purchase you will receive:


The Moon Lamp


Wooden Stand


LED Light Bulb


Electric Connection Cord


Instruction Manual


  • LOOKING FOR THE PERFECT UNIQUE GIFT? Everyone will enjoy this amazing lunar decorative light. Adjust the brightness or change the color at the flick of a switch to change the mood from mystery to romance, enchantment to tranquility A Fairy Tale Come True! Give it as a birthday, anniversary or Christmas gift or just because! Adults and children alike can enjoy this special present.


  • BRING THE MOON LIGHT INTO YOUR HOME - Fast charge in the electrical outlet during the day for just a few hours, switch on in the evening for 10 hours of charge free energy with the built in rechargeable lithium battery. Unlike others, THIS lamp operates while charging so there is no down time as you wait for it to recharge. This amazing treasure sits firmly in its wooden stand and waits for you to enjoy the gentle light.


  • USE THE HOMABE MOON LAMP INSIDE OR OUT. Because when fully charged the Moon Lamp is portable, you can use it in many unique and unusual ways. Take it out on the patio to create a soft, tranquil atmosphere, use a few in the yard to guide your guests to your path at night. Restaurants & businesses use this on tables for a safe yet romantic alternative to candles. It is perfect to use as a night light for the baby and the kids or atmosphere for the adults.


  • NOT JUST PRETTY - Safe, Efficient, Reliable LED Light - This quality Lamp is always Cool. Discover how you can handle and move it with ease. Take your portable moon and enjoy the soft cool or warm light wherever you may be. Made of ABS Plastic, it will not break or dent like the 3D Printed version. The kids can hold it and move around with it in perfect safety.


  • WE LISTENED TO WHAT YOU SAID. We took everything we know about manufacturing, home decor & reviews of other similar products and wrapped it up in this  Premium Quality Moon Lamp just for you. Whether you buy it for yourself, your children or as a gift for someone you love, we know you will be happy.